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Featuring two straps coming across the upper, the double monk is the hottest shoe in men’s fashion right now. This shoe is perfect for anyone looking for a modern twist on a classic, elegant style.

Discover Supreme Elegance with Sartorial Lab MTO Shoes

Introducing the Double Monk, the hottest shoe in men’s fashion right now, from Sartorial Lab’s exclusive Made-To-Order collection. Featuring two stylish straps crossing the upper, this shoe offers a modern twist on a classic, elegant style. What truly sets the Double Monk apart is its artisanal craftsmanship, executed with meticulous attention to detail.

Each pair of Double Monk shoes in Handmade Patina is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Sartorial Lab’s artisans use traditional techniques to hand-cut, sew, and finish each shoe, ensuring that every pair is unique and of the highest quality. The hand-applied patina process adds a touch of individuality, creating a rich, deep finish that cannot be replicated by mass production.

Perfect for anyone looking to make a bold statement, the Double Monk combines versatility for both formal occasions and sophisticated casual looks.

Embrace contemporary sophistication with Sartorial Lab MTO Shoes. Step into luxury and let your shoes speak volumes about your style and taste, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Artisan-Hand Made Patina: The technique used to achieve this artwork is known as ‘Anticatura’, which is the Italian word for antique finishing. It is a specialty of Italian and French maestro shoemakers. Entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher, the upper part of the shoe becomes a work of art. The Anticatura method is a hand dyeing procedure of leather. It takes about 8-10 hours of work per pair to create a completely unique patina with an aged effect.

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  • Made to Order /Hecho por encargo
  • Materials: tobacco patina
  • Sole: recycled rubber comando rubber sole
  • Last: Savile – Sleek looking aesthetic with slight chisel toe
  • Service 8/14 days  to fulfill once your order is received , time to final touches and get the shoes impeccable , includes hand painted , brushing and hand polishing

Weight 1 kg

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Double Monk Louis Comando 6Louis Anticatura by Sartorial Lab
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