Ethics and sustainability

Ethics and equality

are essential principles in the manufacture of high-quality footwear. 

Sartorial lab values, above all, the workers of the collaborating workshops and factories, providing a safe work environment and fair wages, regardless of their origin, gender , race and religion. It also means having a transparent and sustainable supply chain, with materials sourced responsibly. 

Equality is reflected in providing equal employment opportunities, promoting diversity and inclusion, and guaranteeing access to training and professional development programs. 

As a high-quality footwear brand, we assume social responsibility and adopt ethical and fair practices in production to contribute to a fairer, more sustainable and ethical footwear industry.

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Eco-design in the manufacture of high-quality footwear is essential to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Sartorial lab also uses eco-friendly materials and production techniques that reduce the ecological footprint, such as the use of recycled materials, natural dyes, manufacturing processes with low energy consumption. 

It also means extending the life of footwear through durable and timeless designs, and encouraging repair and recycling. 

Eco-design in high-quality footwear allows sartorial lab to create stylish quality products while protecting the environment and promoting sustainability in the footwear industry.

Wildlife protection

Wildlife protection and high-quality shoe design go hand in hand

Sartorial lab does not use materials from endangered species or illegal sources. Additionally, we do not use unethically sourced exotic animal skins or leather. 

High-quality shoe design also means creating durable and timeless products to reduce demand for new products and minimize environmental impact. 

By considering these aspects, sartorial lab contributes to the protection of wildlife and sustainability in the footwear industry.

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