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We select the best materials for the comfort and quality of our products

Our artisans put all their knowledge and skill into each stage of the manufacturing process, from selecting the best leathers to cutting, sewing and final finishing of each shoe. Every stitch is carefully placed by hand, every seam is done with precision, and every detail is carefully reviewed to ensure that the result is a product of exceptional quality.

Every step is a work of art

This phrase sums up the philosophy behind the creation of our handmade shoes. In our workshop, each pair of shoes is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence that can only be found in traditional craftsmanship. In our hands, each pair of shoes becomes a unique work of art, designed to last a lifetime and a source of pride for whoever wears it.



We are constantly searching for quality materials to offer the best on the market to our customers.



Our customizer allows you to create a shoe that fits your needs, preferences, and personal style


Cutting and assembly

The cuts and assembly of the shoes are handmade crafting, which guarantees unique precision and quality in each one.


Finishing and shipping

Finally, the shoe undergoes a series of finishing and polishing processes to ensure it is of exceptional quality and appearance for shipment.

Our clients say:

"The quality is exceptional and the design process was very easy thanks to the help of the team. Also, the turnaround time was fast"
Manuel López
Pontevedra, Galicia
“The shoes that I have bought with them are comfortable, elegant, and durable. I especially like that you can customize every aspect of the shoes, from the material to the color”
Luis Adrian
San José, California
“The custom shoes I ordered were a perfect fit and the quality exceeded my expectations. The team was friendly and responsive throughout the process. Highly recommend"
Joe Gómez
Chelsea, London
4.7 average rating from 104 reviews
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